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About Freelog

FREELOG is a consulting company specialized in industrial performance improvement, customer capital expansion and recovery.

From financial and service targets, executed between your teams and our experts, FREELOG commits to achieve proposed improvements and action in the shortest period.

Thus, FREELOG relies on our team’s operational skills, innovative methods, and simple tools.

Key figures

FREELOG builds on its quality consulting through development and the continued support of its international customers. Consecutive results ensure your confidence in your transformation success.

Confidence renewal

Mission average return on investment (months)

Missions performed abroad (More than 25 countries)

Our Customers listed on stock exchange

The team

Our team is built on shared values: effort, excellence, transparency, and results. Combining former experienced operation executives, trained consultants, and seasoned experts assure our mission success

Charly began his career in China in new technology research and development. Coming from organization and management consulting, specialized in Supply Chain, he developed in FREELOG original project and multi-cultural change management practices and methods. Charly has participated in Brazilian development and is now in charge of Asia Pacific development.


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