How to join Freelog Consulting ?


Apply at Freelog


First approach

After a careful study of your resume, we will contact you by  phone to talk about your desires and to describe our offers.


Meet a Consultant

1st  interview with an experienced Consultant to discuss about your professionnal experiences and expectations.


Meet a Manager/Partner

2nd interview with a Manager/ Partner  to  challenge your synthesis capabilities, and entrepreneurship. In the same time share about your motivations.


Welcome to Freelog !

The office Director will introduce you to the team and your first assigment. He will be in charge of your carreer development of your journey at Freelog.


Joining FREELOG is a promise to evolve in a stimulating world of engineers and developers; with possibility of facing international and multi-cultural challenges that are the keys to success today and tomorrow.

Whatever your experience, from your integration you are our Company ambassador. Our methodology will provide you solid bases to launch and progress in your career. Our expert network as well as our individualized learning / accompaniment follow-up will ensure you an enriching work environment …
We will prepare you to hold most complex positions in consulting or operations.

Joining FREELOG also means participating in an entrepreneurial and social experience.  Best ones integrate our management team without distinction of origin.
The value developed year after year is shared by all, thanks to rules ensuring solidarity and equity.

Employment offers